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I believe in helping my clients solve problems and challenges.  Every day I strive to put my clients' needs before anyone else's and do whatever it takes to be different from other so-called "risk professionals." I work with several companies in highly regulated businesses and help them understand how risks affect their businesses. It's an "enterprise risk discussion" not focused on a product.  I happen to be in the insurance business.



What My Customers Expect From Me

Since 1998, I've provided technical knowledge and expertise to the Life Sciences Industry in insurance and risk management. My clients consider me part of their management team - a true partner who is not trying to sell them something but one who engages in discussions about how I can help them grow their business. They depend on my risk analysis, knowledge, advice, and advocacy.


A Must Watch for Medtech CEO's

Enterprise Risk and Risk Management


One team, one set of tools and resources, one financial overview of your risks, and insurance programs protecting all the things that matter most to your business. One strategic timeline that aligns with your business fiscal year. And one holistic approach to engaging your workforce on and off the job.


Client Testimonials

What My Clients Have to Say

What's it like to be a customer of mine?  How will I treat you? How am I different from a broker or other risk advisor?


"I was shocked the first time we ever spoke.  Mike never tried to sell me something - it was all about how he could help me runs my business and find solutions to my challenges."

"I have followed Mike throughout his career.  I trust his advice and have never found anyone to match his passion for making my needs the priority."

"Who wants to talk about business insurance?! Yeah, OK, actually not too many people. Business insurances can be complicated and making sure that your business is properly insured is important to protecting your business and officers and directors. This was my situation recently and while I can certainly read an insurance policy I have no idea which endorsements are necessary for a given policy. This is where an experienced insurance broker comes in and delivers their value. At the time, I served on the board of a company and the officers and directors needed the protection afforded under a D&O policy. Mike helped us out - but did not just offer a proposal and a quote. He explained what we needed and in the process gave our team great comfort that our money was being well spent - and more importantly that we were properly insured. What's more, Mike is a personable guy and easy to work with - responsive, too! Same goes for all the folks I engaged with at Hylant!"

"I don't do this very often but Mike is truly an exceptional person. Mike is all about looking for ways to help bring value to his client. If you have a life sciences business and want your insurance coverage to be perfectly matched to your stage, risks and future, you should be contacting Mike Cremeans. In addition to be a wonderful human being, Mike is great at educating his customers on complex and confusing terms and conditions regarding insurance coverage. Thanks Mike!"

Mike has been instrumental in advising us on all aspects of company insurance at GetSet Surgical. Throughout the process his support and expertise in this area was invaluable, working with Mike certainly made the process easy and exceeded our expectations. Thanks Mike!

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