Cyber Fatigue? Try a different approach

Updated: Apr 1

Have you seen way too many broker proposals with language you don't understand and zero analysis of how it applies to you? Change your expectations. Demand more than just prices!

What do we need? There is a portfolio of coverage types – Ask the question "What ones apply to ME?"

  1. “Cyber” can mean so many things

  2. First-party costs

  3. Third-party allegations

  4. Business Interruption

  5. Regulatory exposure

  6. Contingent exposures due to the losses suffered by third parties (data storage and cloud computing)

  7. What do these carriers offer in terms of loss prevention?

  8. How do these carriers compliment or co-exist with my current outsourced IT people?

  9. How about the information on current trends that may affect my business, including threat intelligence?

  10. What happens when a loss occurs?

  11. Who is going to respond in the event of a loss?

  12. Where are they located?

  13. What’s the process?

Anyone can get quotes. You won't care how much it cost if you have an uncovered claim.

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