Types of Engagements

Flexibility - Let's solve your pressing risk management issues

I work with clients, providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

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Family Offices

Preserving Wealth

INSURANCE AS UNIQUE AS YOU. Distinctive lifestyles and unique assets require a specialized approach to insurance. One that considers specific risks and provides tailored coverages.


Private Equity / M&A

We provide relevant risk information on a timely basis and maximize the value of a merger or acquisition

  • Specializes in addressing problematic deal issues or roadblocks within a transaction, buy or sell-side

  • Experts in the structuring and use of insurance risk capital

  • Drives capital efficiency through option-like structures

  • Leverages advantages of insurance risk capital by:

    • Conserving cash 

    • Preserving credit facility 

    • Triggering capital with multiple events



World-class advice on alternative ways to finance risk

Under the right circumstances, captives can be an excellent insurance solution and cost-saving tool. But captives aren’t right for all businesses.


Unplanned Cash Flow Analysis

Do you really understand how your policies will respond in the event of a loss?

This is a financial analysis that focuses mainly on loss of physical assets and business interruption.  We quantify the gaps in your current program through the use of specific financial calculations and assessments.  We can also help you create a useful business interruption worksheet

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Diversity & Inclusion

Access to a Minority Business Enterprise

Hylant has partnered with Pinkney-Perry Insurance Agency for over a decade providing clients an opportunity to place insurance through a certified Minority Business Enterprise. Pinkney-Perry Insurance Agency is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) founded in 1961.


Insurance Policy Audits

Where are the gaps?

Insurance policies are not created equal.  Just because you have a name brand doesn't mean you have what you need.  Let us compare your specific risks and concerns to your current contracts.



Expert Guidance

Let us map out your company life cycle and how risks change as you grow.


Middle Market Enterprise Risk Assessments

It's a simple one-hour consultation or in-house, detailed assessment of your business risks.  We typically include the CEO, CFO, HR, Operations, Sales & Marketing, and even outside counsel in the dioscussion

We will help you integrate risk planning into strategic planning



What do you need?  How can I help?

  • Funding

  • Fractional CFO

  • PEO 

  • Legal

  • FDA Consulting

  • General Business Consulting

  • Contract Manufacturing