The One Advisor Approach


Hylant will spend 1 hour with the client’s corporate management team (Typically CFO, Dir HR, and COO or the one person that wears all three hats!) asking questions and gathering data. The client is responsible for providing any documents they would like considered in the process (Corporate structure, org chart, unique policies, marketing collateral, OSHA logs, loss runs, claim history, etc.). The Hylant team will then summarize the major risk categories identified during the discovery process and provide high level recommendations for avoiding, reducing, transferring, or budgeting risk AND the major reasons for each recommendation.

Major areas of focus:

Administrative Inefficiencies

Turnover risks

Training risks

Employee Engagement risks

Safety Risks

Cultural Misalignment

Structural misalignment

Over/Under insuring

Creative opportunities

Primary Product:

A 3-5 page executive level summary of discovery inputs and high level recommendations with “for further reading” links when appropriate.